“Four is an ancient symbol of completeness; wholeness (the four corners of the earth, the four cardinal points, the four winds, in primitive traditions, represent the whole of reality.

According to Jung, consciousness has four functions; thinking, intuition, feeling, and sensation. Personal fullness can be achieved only by lifting those functions out of unconsciousness and integrating them into the consciousness.

Multiples of four - eight, sixteen and so on - may have the same symbolic meaning of four. To see such a symbol in your dream does not mean you have achieved personal wholeness; rather, your dream may be pointing out, by contrast, your lack of wholeness.”1

This series has been informed by interpretations of dreams and memories associated with the loss of my father.

1 Ackroyd, Eric.  (2005) A Dictionary of Dream Symbols with an Introduction to Dream Psychology.  London: Cassell Illustrated